Images are pretty but content is king. Images do make a web site look pretty and initially may attract the users eyes to a part of the page but content is king for both search engines and visitors to your web site.

Content is King is not just a saying but a fact. Good ranking web sites have content that is informative and addresses specific keywords that a search engine uses to index and rank a web page. Each page of a web site needs to address a specific keyword phase and have good content to support that main keyword phrase.

Too often we see a web site or for that matter a web page try to tell all of the different things a company does in one page. This is confusing to both the visitor to the web site and really confusing to a search engine spider as neither know what a web site is really about.

Our philosophy is one main phrase per page. If you sell sailing shoes and you sell 5 different brands of sailing shoes take a single page to describe each brand of sailing shoes. So if you sellSLAM sailing shoes you have a single page that focuses on SLAM sailing shoes. Then you would have another page for Gill sailing shoes and another for Sperry sailing shoes.

After we have thoroughly completed our Keyword Research, we evaluate each client’s content page by page and make sure that each page focuses on specific keyword phrases. Sometimes we may take one page of content and make it three different pages to narrow the focus for each page and strengthen that pages “content value”. This will eventually help the web site and each individual web page rank better in the search engines.