Title Tag Optimization – The Most Important Web Page Element

The Title Tag of a web page is the single most important web page element that all search engines look at. It is most likely the title of your search engine listing when your web page is displayed in the organic search results.

A Title Tag is the title of the web page. It is the very first tag in the html code that a search engine sees and it is the very fist time you get to use your main keyword phrase for the specific web page. This is also what the Internet user sees displayed at the very top of the Browser on the left had side. The Title Tag is very important and needs to have the main keyword phrase for that web page.

A web page Title Tag would look something like this:
<title> San Diego Internet Marketing – Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Marketing – Internet Consulting</title>
This Title Tag emphasizes our use of our top local keyword phrase and the main services we offer.

Every web page needs to have a unique Title Tag and it needs to include the main keyword phrase for that page. Google only indexes the first 63 characters so it is imperative that the main keyword emphasis needs to be at the beginning of the title tag. You do not need to make it a sentence or a statement but it must include the main keyword phrase you want the search engines to index the page for. Also the title tag needs to be supported in the content of the page.

Not only is the Title Tag one of your strongest chances to impact rankings, it is undoubtedly your BEST chance to convert a searcher to a visitor within the SERPS. Create the best title tag, get the click then get the conversion.