“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

— President Barack Obama, Roanoke, Va., July 13

I have one question for every business owner out there. Did Barack Obama or the Federal Government build your business? Did they come up with the ideas and passion and then implant them into your brain or heart? Did they give you the marketing plans, go to the bank for you and give you money that you did not have to pay back? (SBA Loans are government back but need to be paid back!)

The answer from every business person I know was HELL NO! No government, politician, or any public official ever gave me anything to start my business. Every single business owner I know never received anything from any government local, state or federal. As a matter of fact the state and local governments wanted me to pay them first before I even started a business by getting a business license. The government taxes you before you even make your first dime! Yet we have the President who has never started a business or even conceived the idea for a business claiming someone or the federal government started your business.

BULL CRAP! No on in the government started any small business and handed it to an individual. No one in the government comes to relieve me so I can take a vacation or cover me when I am sick. No this is not a business friendly federal government. This is a President whose ideals of socialism are so close to communism it is scary. This is a President that will try to tax the Small Business out of business if re-elected. This is a man who has no clue what it takes for a small business to even make it. Now he claims someone or the government started your small business. It just was not you.

So how come the Better Business Bureau or the US Chamber of Commerce did not get a page one rebuttal to these wild claims from the media? Where was the backlash from all the small business owners and why aren’t we taking to the streets to protest these lies? Why aren’t the voices from what is the true economic engine of America being heard?

We are all working hard trying each and every day to keep our doors open. We work 50 or 60 hours a week, stress each day there will be new customers to keep our coffers from going empty. We dream of new ideas, new products or offer new services that we the individual business owners and our employees dream up. It is the small business owner that struggles to expand so they can add staff and grow their business. We can’t print money, we earn it with hard work.


President Barack Obama you are wrong! I built my business. I left a high paying job 12 years ago and took a leap of faith and started my business. It has been hard with lots of work and at times little reward. Currently I control my destiny not the government. However I fear that if Obama gets re-elected he will believe that every business in the US is his and do what Chavez has done… nationalize businesses for the benefit of the government and the welfare state.

So this November Small Business needs to save itself and Just Say No To Barack. Because your small business just may not survive the next four years or worse become a ward of the state!