Reputation ROI

How Much Will an Additional Star Rating Increase Your Revenues?

How much will having a 5 STAR Reputation increase your business? How much will I grow with 1 or 2 more stars? According to a Harvard Business School study done in 2011, each 1 star increase in the reviews of your business will increase your sales from 5% to 9%.  Use the calculator below and find out what kind of increase your business may receive by increasing and marking the reputation of your business with DSI Development.

Revenues AnnualMonthly
Current Sales Revenues $0
How Many Additional Stars? (1, 1.5, etc)  
Increased Revenue % (5-9%) *$0$0
Cost of Reputation Marketing  
Net Revenue Increase $0$0
Reputation Marketing ROI  0%
* 2011 Harvard Business School study shows EACH additional Star on Yelp increases Revenue by 5-9%

What does it Cost to Lose or Gain a Customer?

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