Internet Marketing & Web Site Promotion

Good marketing is the key for any business to be successful and that is especially true for a business planning to expand on the Internet. It is not only web based marketing that helps a business grow but marketing to your current customers and in your local area. The Internet Marketing Services of DSI Marketing Solutions will partner with you by planning your Internet marketing strategy by offering the following forms of Internet Marketing San Diego:

    • Local Search Optimization
  • Over 75% of the searches on the Internet begin with local intent. This means people are shopping for your products and services hoping to find a local solution. This also means if your business is not listed on the local search results for the major search engine you are losing valuable prospects and customers. See our section on Local Search Marketing:
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare; these are just a small list of the Social Media properties every business needs to be optimized for. Search engines look for the business pages on these pages and Social Media is a great to keep your customers and clients informed.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • The Internet Marketing Services of DSI Development will optimize your web site for major Internet search engines including Bing & Google, others.
      • Search engines are increasingly becoming more protective against traditional spamming techniques such as doorway pages, redirects, keyword spamming and cloaking. The Internet Marketing Services of DSI Development can assist you and your company in achieving your desired search engine placement through means that are acceptable to the search engines’ human and cyber editors(search engine spiders). This will allow for long-term improvement as opposed to rapid decline and departure from the search engines.
    • Internet Directory Placement
  • The Internet Marketing and Web Site Promotional Services of DSI Development will research, prepare and place your web site on major directories including Yahoo, Jayde, Joe Ant, DMOZ and many others. How and what you submit can make the difference between a highly profitable, successful web site and a web site that collects cyber dust.
  • Pay Per Click Management (SEM – Search Engine Marketing)
    • The Internet Marketing Services of DSI Development will set up and manage a pay per click campaign for your web site. Pay per click marketing can be very successful if set up and managed properly. If not managed properly it can very costly. We will make sure you stay under budget and get the best possible traffic possible. Let us become your pay per click partner. Click here for more info on PPC advertising.
  • Link Exchanges & Link Popularity

    • The Internet Marketing Services ofDSI Development will take advantage of finding quality link partners to exchange links with your web site. WE will write the best anchor text for your link and find the highest quality partners to achieve the best link reciprocation. Maximizing your link popularity will help increase your web site’s ranking over time. It is not the quantity of links but the quality of links.