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What is the secret to reaching Google page #1 without doing SEO? What service enables you to retarget your website visitors to come back to you?

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What is PPC?

Pay per click advertising is form of online advertising where your ads are displayed in front of users when they use the keywords you target as they make searches in search engines. Remarketing, a specialized type of PPC, is about having the ability to have your banner ads displayed to your website visitors after they have left and visit a site within the Google Display Network.

Why Do You Need PPC?

Are you trying to rank for highly competitive keywords but do not have the patience to wait for the results of SEO? Pay per click advertising allows you to reach the first page of Google instantly even for highly competitive keywords. Do you need more visitors to your site and more conversions? Businesses surveyed use PPC primarily to increase web traffic (63%) and get more leads (62%). Some 57% of businesses surveyed use PPC to increase their online sales revenue. Do you want more online visibility for people who have already shown interest in your products/services without paying for impressions? Use remarketing and let your banner ads “follow” your prospects even after they leave your website.

Realize the instant targeted traffic, leads, and sales that PPC delivers to businesses! Retarget visitors who have left your website and transform them to customers! Get a PPC and a Remarketing consultation now!

Advantages of Pay per Click Marketing

You only pay for clicks. With traditional advertising, you pay a huge amount for media exposure to a wide audience but are unable to target users based on actual search and intent. With PPC, you get exposed to a targeted audience and pay only when someone actually clicks on your ads. Even if we are displaying banners with your phone number on them, you do not get charged when someone calls your phone number, only if they click on the ad. In essence, we can generate FREE phone calls for you to a massive audience!!!

With Remarketing, you get the ability to target those who have visited your website with banner ads visible to them when they visit other websites within the Google Display Network. You get free impressions enhancing your brand’s exposure as you only pay when someone clicks on your banner ads. You may target those visitors who have not converted into customers yet, or you may also target existing customers to continue doing business with you.

What We Do – PPC Services

  • Account Setup
  • Market and Keywords Research
  • Campaign and Ad groups Setup
  • PPC Budget Management
  • Targeting Options
  • Conversion Tracking
  • A/B Testing
  • AdWords Remarketing
Need instant traffic? Have an online sales funnel ready but have no visitors? Send us a message now or call us at 619-871-9297 and let our professionals take care of your PPC needs.
How do I get started with a PPC campaign?
Contact us at 619-871-9297 and we will be happy to talk with you regarding your new online marketing campaign

Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising work? Absolutely! We believe that a properly set up and maintained PPC campaign can be very profitable and cost effective for any business. Latest research from Piper Jaffray shows the following cost for acquiring a customer: “the cost to acquire a customer is about $8.50 for search (Pay per Click), $20 for Yellow Pages, $50 for online display ads, $60 for e-mail and $70 for direct mail. Data for television was not included.”

Pay Per Click (also known as cost per click) Advertising cost 55% less than the Yellow Pages in customer acquisition. With the Yellow pages your ad is the same for one whole year. Pay per click advertising can be changed to reflect new products, season promotions, special sales, or anything your business wants to promote. You can change your ad every day!

So what should I plan on spending to set up a pay per click campaign?
We say that a test campaign budget should be $500 to $1000. It may seem like a lot but many small businesses waste 10 times that in other types of marketing that yield no results. With pay per click campaigns you only pay for clicks into your web site. If you have a good product or service you will get results.

Why should I hire someone to set up my PPC Program?
You can do it yourself but we have years of experience in researching the best keywords, establishing budgets, setting a web site in the right position and making sure to stretch the budget out as far as possible to maximize the ROI. Our staff at DSI Development has years of experience with all of the top PPC web sites and we know what works and what doesn’t. We have seen companies spend their 60 day budget in one week! Then they wonder why it did not work. The cost of having a professional like DSD do it is going to save you money in the long run and it will be done right! And if you want to manage the program after it is set up we will train you on how to manage and generate reports so you can take control of your PPC program with the knowledge that it was set up right the first time