Mobile is here and growing at an incredible rate. Small businesses need to get a mobile solution for their business now! The longer you wait the further behind your business falls in reaching millions of customers on the go. So how do you get started? One of two ways: First you can have our mobile experts build your complete mobile store with iPhone and Android Apps for you for a nominal fee or You Can Build It Yourself!

Here at DSI Marketing Solutions we want to help all small businesses to go mobile as soon as possible, especially before the next major holiday season. This article is for those who want to see just how easy it is to build a mobile store for their business in 5 easy steps:

We begin at Movylo Shop where the easy to use wizard will guide you in creating your mobile store in mere minutes.
Step 1, add a product or deal you want to offer. You will add basic product info: Name, Image, Description, Price, Discount, Quantity and Expiration. I recommend leaving the discount blank since you will offer a discount when you promote products in the future. The expiration is really great to promote time sensitive products or services. One example is setting up trade show products that are only valid for sale during the show expiring when the show is over. This also creates a sense of urgency as the product is displayed with a count down timer so the visitor sees it is only offered for a limited time.
Step 2 is to create the look and feel with the built in wizard. Add a logo or use text for your header and change the colors of the navigation bar all in real time. You can see your mobile store take life right before your eyes as there is an embedded view screen. Once you have finished creating your mobile store you will have many more templates and options to work with in customizing the look and feel of your mobile store. The optimal size currently for a logo is 320 pixels X 70 pixels.
Step 3 add various methods of payments for your customers. PayPal is the leader in mobile payments and accepting PayPal allows your customers to pay you fast and secure. Other options allow for phone orders and in store pick up although these still require the sale to be manually completed, In addition to PayPal, is set up with payment gateways including, Sage Epay and many others. Your PayPal account is set up to accept credit cards, so you don’t need another merchant account for your mobile store.
Step 4 is where you fill in information about your business. Start by providing information in the About Us and Contact Us pages and add your business’s location in the store locator. The simple text editor allows you customize the content including the ability to add links for emails addresses, other web pages or downloads. The store locator offers shoppers Geo Targeted directions plus you can add more information including store hours and add multiple locations. There are other mobile pages available including Terms or Use, Privacy and Shipping that you can turn on in the admin section.
Step 5 is to confirm and register the new mobile store. After the store content pages you’ll see how your mobile store will look. Yes your mobile store is actually live. Click next to a view a summary page, then the final page is a simple registration page. Notice that MovyloShop only wants the vary basic information: Name, email address, store name, country and a market place category.  No credit card is required and the best part is that you have 30 days to use the mobile store with no contract, no obligation, to subscribe at the end, and the store is fully functional during the trial period. The Best Part: Less than $10 per month for a mobile web store.
Now you know building a mobile store is quick and easy with MovyloShop. If your ready for your business to go mobile, give Movylo Shop a try. And if you would like, let our team build a mobile store for your business delivered in a day. Look for our next post on creating promotions with MovyloShop.