Turning your MovyloShop mobile store into an iPhone app is very easy. One you log into MovyloShop you will see a link My Apps on the navigation. Click that and you will see you have a sub menu with m-site, iPhone App, Android App and MovyloShop Mobile which is an admin app for you mobile store. You see a current view of you mobile web store on the m-site page. Click on the iPhone App link and now you can begin the short process to submitting your site as an iPhone App to Apple without having an Apple Developers License.

The first thing is to add the App Name. Use your business name if it is your business, otherwise use a name that people can easily identify your app with. The next step is adding a few keywords for finding your app. There are over 650,000 apps in the Apple store, so the key is making easy for your current customers to find your app.  Next add you App’s contact email address.

This next step is critical. Add a detailed description for your app. Tell potential users what you are providing them with and a well written description can help your app get found by new prospects. Make sure to include keywords just like you would for regular web site optimization so that your app will get better visibility.

The last three steps are uploading three different images. The fist image is 512 x 512 pixels either in JPEG or in PNG format. This image will be the main logo image for the iPhone app page. The second image needed is a small image that will be the image installed on the phone. The size is small at 57 x 57 pixels but this is a critical image. The final image will be the splash screen which is 320 x 480 pixels. This image will be seen while the app is loading when the user taps the icon to start the app.

Finally you will publish the iPhone App. There will be a one time fee of $49 and your hosting level needs to be either Professional or Premium Level. You will have the option to upgrade you account here or you can do that before you begin the iPhone App process.

Getting published in the APP Store depends 100% on Apple and the required time for seeing your app listed can vary from a couple of days to some weeks. The best way to check the iPhone App store is to do a search in Google for your iPhone App name: “SLAM Shops iPhone App”. Google spiders the Apple App store and indexes iPhone Apps better that the App Store.

Once the iPhone App is approved you will have your own page on the Apple store. Copy the link and promote the download of your new iPhone to your customers and new prospects. Now you are finished. I know personally the waiting period for Apple to approve Apps can be long but once the App is approved your business can now take a bit of ownership on clients Smartphones making your business a singly tap away.