Over 90% of Smartphone users check email on their phones. Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and MailChimp is a leading email marketing program around the world. With over 115 million active smartphones in the US and growing everyday that is more than 103 million people checking emails daily via mobile.

Marketing to those 100 million people through email is easy with MovyloShop and MailChimp. MovyloShop is integrated with MailChimp making it easy to email mobile deals to your current email lists. The follow steps will show how to use MailChimp with a MovyloShop mobile store.

Log in to MovyloShop and you will notice the quick menu where the second link is “Create a Promotion”. If you don’t have a mobile web site DSI Development can build your business a mobile web store or self starters can read the post on “Building Your Mobile Store“.

You will come to the Promo page where you have over a dozen mobile marketing options for marketing the mobile store. For the first time promotion you will either want to market the opening of the new mobile store by choosing “Promote Your Store”, or promote a single product by using one of three options: “Promote a Product”, “Deal of the Day”, or “Expiring In” to promote a specific product already uploaded. Each promotes a single product but they offer different expiring options. The Deal of the Day is a 24 hour timed promotion, Expiring In allows a variable expiration setting and Promote a Product has no set expiration setting.

For this article we will choose the “Expiring In” promotion.

This above screen allows you to set the discount and the length of time your promotion will be available. Set the expiration time from one hour to any number in one minute increments. Plus if you want to change the product click the link in the upper right to select another product.

In the next screen (above) this is where you select the type of marketing: SMS, Email, QR Code, URL, Facebook and Twitter. Once you select email, add the title of your email. Don’t worry about the content on this page as you will update the message body on the next screen. Look at the bottom of the screen and there is a drop down box. Select MailChimp then place the API Key from MailChimp to access you lists and templates. Aquire the API key from the admin panel in MailChimp.

In this screen you will update the content and choose from any custom templates you may have set up in MailChimp. If you are not happy with your title then hit the back button as you cannot update the message title here. Customize the email body’s content by adding images and any other content and finally you have to copy the link and place it in your body before you can proceed.

Select the email list to send the mobile promotion to.

The final screen above verifies the number of emails, type of promotion, Subject name, the product being promoted and can attach the promotion to Facebook and twitter. Once you hit send promo a final conformation box pops up and once you hit okay the promotion is sent thru the MailChimp mail servers.

Once the time runs out the deal is over and customers will have to wait for the next one.

If you want to see this mobile store, go to partsking.mobi or you can download the iPhone and Android Apps by searching for Partsking on the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store.

Contact DSI Development for your Mobile Web Store needs and stay tuned for more