Guitars in the Classroom is a non profit that promotes music education in public school from K to High School by teaching teachers to integrate music in their lessons. Guitars in the Classroom enlisted DSI Development to build a mobile store that could be used at trade show and training events.

Guitars in the Classroom wanted to be able to sell their instuctional books and other training materials through a mobile store. We built them a mobile store in one day that allows them to sell the music books at an at a national conference. We then created a poster that had specific QR Codes that took customers to products. This allowed customers to buy books and pay via credit card or PayPal then pick up their purchase at the booth.

The best part is that the staff manning the booth has more time to speak with customers instead of manually writing up sales and manually verifying credit card purchases.

The Movyloshop mobile store solution for Guitars in the Classroom is integrated with Constant Contact and this allows direct marketing from the mobile store to their email lists in Constant Contact.