“Why should I care about my local listing?”, a questioned that is being asked by many small business owners. The main reason is this is your FREE business listing that is being provided by the major search engines and to over hundreds of directories and local search web sites. If you don’t claim it someone will! But how could someone do that? How could someone claim my business?

Easy, all they have to do is claim the listing by changing the phone number and then redirect the traffic that would have been steered to your business to theirs. Still cannot believe this can happen? Well it can, it does and in New Zealand and women was prosecuted for stealing the listings of her florist shop competitors. Yes Competitors. She hijacked several listings and had the information pointing to her websites and businesses. She faced 7 years for fraud and was convicted to some time served and many hours of community service.

The fact of the matter is every business needs to claim and optimize their local listings. These listing have replaced the phone book and they are the very listings that feed all of the GPS maps in cars. These are also the same listing people use while searching for businesses on their cellular phones. If you don’t claim it some one else will and they are stealing your business.

If you see “Are you Business Owner?” then you need to begin the steps to claiming that listing. Every business in America has the opportunity for free listings on all of the major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your business and its success or failures may very well depend on the simple act of claiming your business listings. Because if you don’t someone will and you will have your business stolen from right in front of you.

Don’t want to go through the time consuming work of claiming all these listings? Then let us do it for you with our local listing optimization service.