In our prior post “Build Your Mobile Store in Minutes” we showed you how MovyloShop is a quick and easy mobile web store builder. What good is a mobile web store if you don’t market to your customers and prospects? You need to let people know your mobile store is open and ready for business. This post begins a series “How To Market Your New Mobile Store”, where we will show you how to use MovyloShop’s built it promotions engine to market to mobile customers.

If you created a store like the last post by adding a single product we will now promote that product or any products you have using the built in marketing engine. After the store was registered or you log back into your mobile store you come to the main admin screen. From here you can view daily and monthly traffic details, sales for the day and month including the average ticket, and promotional stats.

Use the quick menu in the upper right to add products, launch deals, launch deals, manage your account or start the Self Help Wizard. Let’s begin by clicking on “Create a Promo” link in the Quick Menu. You can view all of the 13 different marketing options here for more information about each one.

This article will focus on promoting a Single Product, Deal of the Day and Expiring In, the only difference being the length of time for the promotions. Each promotes a single product that you choose with the first screen. Single Promotion, has no expiration date to the promotion. The Deal of the Day is a 24 Hour promotion that begins counting down the minute you create the deal. The Expiring In allows you to set the deals expiration from 1 hour to 1000 hours or more in minute intervals.

Selecting one of the three promotional options (single product, deal of the day, expiring in) brings you to a promotion wizard which will guide you through the steps of creating and sending your promotion.

First step is where you will select the product you want to promote. 

The next screen is where you will set the discount or your promotion and in the case of the Expiring In promotion there are two additional time fields that are not in Single Product or Deal of the Day. This allows you to set any specific time limit for your promotion. A great option for Flash Sales.

Once you have set the discount and time (in the expiring in promo), you will now choose the method of delivery to send your promotion.

There are six different options for sending your deal: SMS/ Text, Email (Mailchimp & Constant Contact Integrated), QRCode, URL, Facebook and Twitter.

Select email then hit next to begin sending your deal. You have three options: Use the internal email system or if you have an account with Mailchimp or Constant Contact you will be able to access you email lists within MovyloShop. You will create a message with your call to action link in the body. Make sure to add a compelling subject for your email so customers will open it. Then you will select the customers you would like to receive the email.

After you have created the content of your email and selected your recipients you will review and confirm your email. You can also add your email message to Facebook and twitter at this time. Once you hit send promo and confirm you will have completed your first mobile deal.

MovyloShop really is the easiest mobile store creator and marking solution for any business. Whether you want to build your own mobile store or have one of our staff build and market your mobile store we know MovyloShop is the right answer for your business.