Square images work best for MovyloShop Mobile Stores. Images are important to an any web site but they are very important for E-Commerce web sites. Customers want to see what the products they are buying. The old adage is a picture is worth a 1000 words is especially true with mobile web sites where you have a small screen for text and image. The key is optimizing images so they will conform to variety of mobile screens.

In building many mobile web sites the one struggle has been the variety of image sizes and qualities provided by clients or their suppliers and manufacturers. We found that if we uploaded their image many times one image would be long and tall, then square, then rectangle. Then the site did not have a consistent look. Considering all of the screen sizes we found a square image is the best image to upload for products in MovyloShop. A rectangle image works as well but long skinny images do not display well.

Any square image between the size of 350 pixels square to 600 pixels square works great and rectangle images that are 350 pixel to 600 pixel work fine.  Choose the pictures format which we prefer either .jpg which is a JPEG image or .png which is Portable Network Graphics. There is another image format .gif, GIF which really is not a high quality format and does not scale well. Use JPEG or PNG format because they look will better on mobile devices.

Another issue is the quality of the image you upload. Don’t over compress the images when saved. I choose a JPEG of better that average quality. The good thing about MovyloShop is it will optimize the image when uploaded for mobile screens so upload a better quality image.

LOGO IMAGE: The best size for the logo image is 320 X 70 Pixels. A transparent PNG image for the logo works the best if you want your background color to be a part of the image. High quality JPEG images work great, but the key is adding the right size image for the header logo.

There are many types of image editing programs but the main thing in making an image square. Here is a link to a Wiki page that has lots of links to free graphics programs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Free_graphics_software. Also if you have bought a digital camera chances are you have a really good and easy graphics program that came on the cameras CD.