Becoming a plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon takes years of training and thousands of dollars in medical school costs. Yet the reputation that a cosmetic surgeon works so hard to earn can be ruined by a few negative online reviews. Reputation management for plastic surgeons is a vital service for everyone in this highly specialized field. Many plastic surgeons do not realize just how much a bad online reputation can affect them. That is why reputation management is essential for any practice. You need to protect and take control of your online reputation, a reputation you worked hard to earn.

Make Prospective Patients Trust You
Plastic surgery can be frightening, regardless if a patient has already had several procedures or it is their first time. You want to make sure that any patient feels as if they can trust you. Having a good online reputation marketing program in place with good online reviews will help to build a base for this trust and put new patients at ease.

Good Reviews are Better than Before & After Pictures
Over 70% of consumers who read reviews trust those reviews as if a friend told them the same information. 50% of people trust before & after pictures. Recently a doctor was told by a patient who signed up for an extensive procedure that it was the online reviews which made her decide he was the doctor for her. She did not even look at the before and after pictures on his site but read all of the good reviews from satisfied patients on Google and Yelp. Good reviews can give a practice up to a 20% boost in referrals.

You Could Lose Your Career If You Have a Bad Reputation
A plastic surgeon who has a bad reputation can be affected in many ways, and all of these things can seriously harm his or her career. Whether you own a plastic surgery practice or you work for another plastic surgery medical group, you could lose your career if you don’t pay special attention to your online reputation. Those for whom you work will not want your bad reputation to create problems for their practice, so they might let you go in order to salvage their own reputation. Your own plastic surgery practice could even end up in shambles due to a bad online reputation.

Bad Reputations Spread Quickly, Good Reputation Grow Slowly
Unfortunately this is true. Good reputations are great in the long run, but they certainly don’t spread as quickly as bad reputations do. If you earn a bad name because you didn’t pay attention to your plastic surgery reputation management online, then your bad name could literally spread overnight.

No Reviews are just as costly
You don’t have any negative reviews online and that is good but you also don’t have any reviews at all and that is very bad. Why? Because you don’t have any online trust and potential patients aren’t sure if you are good or bad. 70% of consumers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. If potential patients can read reviews for other board certified plastic surgeons online and if they see several good reviews from happy patients, they will call that practice first for a consultation. If you are lucky you may get a shot at the second consultation but wouldn’t you like to be the first plastic surgeon called?

Having spent over 35 years around my own father’s highly successful plastic surgery practice in San Diego, I understand what a board certified plastic surgeon has to deal with involving their staff and patients. You can trust that we take a personal interest in protecting the reputations of all board certified plastic surgeons and their practice, because we understand how hard they worked to become a plastic surgeon. Don’t let others determine the online reputation of your plastic surgery practice. Seek the 5 star reviews you deserve to build a 5 star reputation for your medical practice.

DSI Development only works with board certified plastic surgeons. We do not work with any medical practice which performs plastic surgery procedures that does not staff a board certified plastic surgeon who performs those procedures.