is a web site dedicated to SLAM Sportswear, Foul Weather and Sailing Gear from Point Loma Outfitting. The site has for years been the leading informational web site for SLAM clothing but in December 2011 DSI Development built a new mobile web store for The new SLAM Shops mobile store has over 300 current SLAM sailing gear and clothing including the entire line of foul weather gear. mobile store was built in One Day!

The new SLAM-Shops site was built using Movylo Shop Mobile software solution. The new mobile store is compatible with over 5000 different types of mobile phones and Smartphones. The real benefit is the site is iPad and Android tablet friendly templates built in fully taking advantage of their larger displays. This also allows the SLAM-Shops mobile store function as a desktop version of their store.

Plus SLAM-Shops launched an iPhone App in the iPhone App Store and it is directly integrated with the mobile store back end. All available products on the mobile web will also be available on the iPhone App. The iPhone App creator is built into the mobile store back end.

Check out the new SLAM Shops mobile store from your mobile phone or tablet. If you like what you see contact us about building your business a mobile store today.