Text marketing is a very powerful and successful mobile marketing channel. When you send a SMS / Text promotion, over 90% of recipients see the text message. This is better than open rates for email. Movylo Shop makes it easy to send any of the promotions via SMS / Text Messaging.

Once you have chosen the type of Movylo shop promotion you want to send via SMS the easy to follow wizard will step you through the steps in sending your promotion. Begin by selecting SMS. There are limited characters for SMS and you want to make sure you let you customers know what the deal is and how to get it. There is a link that must be included and MovyloShop will not let you go to the next screen if you remove that link. This makes sure your call to action gets delivered.

Another thing you notice on this screen is the keyword campaign check box. If you have a short code number to receive keywords for campaigns via SMS you can add the keyword here.Contact Movylo Shop to add your SMS gateway so when a consumer sends an SMS with this keyword Movylo Shop will receive it real time and answer with a new SMS with the text of your promotion. You have a keyword campaign at 313131 and your term was “clothing” you would check the box and add your keyword then your customers would receive the deal as a reply.

Once your message is set you will need to select recipients. Make sure you upload mobile numbers or else you will waste money and your texts will go nowhere. You can import mobile numbers via Excel or add receipients one at a time.

Once you have chosen your recipients you will see a summary page. This is where you will also purchase SMS credits if your account does not have any credits available. Once you have credits you will send your SMS promotion. In minutes your clients will have seen your message and be able to respond.

Sending promotions via SMS /Text Messaging is really easy with Movylo Shop. Some businesses may already have SMS marketing set up for their business. In this case when you create your promotions in Movylo Shop select URL as your method of delivery and then you can copy the URL in your SMS messaging service or email program.

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