I recently spent some time on the phone with a supervisor at Google Local fixing a Google+ Business Page for a customer. ┬áDuring our call he proceeded to share with me the 5 very important things Google considers critical for good local business rankings – After Claiming Your Google+ Business Page Of Course. So what are the 5 most important things every business must do for good rankings of their Google+ Business Page? You can see Part 1 Here

  1. Promoting Google Plus Page & Website on Facebook & Twitter

Okay I have to admit this threw me for a loop. Promoting your Google+ Business Page in the Social Media networks is very important to Google. Google is looking for Social Validation of your business online. These days you can dial in your target audience with Facebook advertising and drive that traffic to your Google+ Business Page. When those customers visit your business page and website, Google knows even more about the type of customer your business is attracting based on the user info Google collected when they visiting the your local page or website.

Advertising on Social Media networks like Facebook, can be very cost effective way in driving the exact customers you want. Facebook allows you to really dial in the types of customers you are looking for such as age, gender, income, hobbies, schools attended and so on. As such, Google learns more about your customers when they come from Social Media channels and they can use that information to rank your business more effectively based on searchers demographics.

  1. Business YouTube Videos – Video Reviews Count!

The number one social media property in the US is not Facebook. It is YouTube! And who owns YouTube? Google! So of course YouTube Videos are going to play a bigger role in ranking local businesses in the future. Adding a Video about your business like a Video Review Commercial will not only increase visitor retention, YouTube videos can rank quickly in Google search. YouTube Videos can be embedded on your website, shared thru Google+ Business Page and posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube videos can rank well on all on their own.

A Video Review Commercial is a great example of how Google loves high quality videos that feature a Business. The best part is the content of the commercial is written by your customer. Video Review Commercials have proven to be very effective at converting viewers into consumers. When you take a review and make a high quality Video Review Commercial, the review content is not only on the original review site, but it now shared across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more including the Google+ Business Page.

Taking a single video review commercial and marketing it across all different types of online channels is just the kind of marketing Google likes to see a business do and they obviously reward those businesses by boosting them in the search and map listings.

(If you would like to see a Video Review Commercial or an Expert Audio Interview)