1. Reviews from other local directories (Yelp, YP ect)

So there should be no doubt how important reviews are to Google. After having a business website, having reviews on the Google+ Business Page was the second most important thing for a business to do. Third was Social Media Marketing and videos like video review commercials were fourth. Now our Google Expert said that having reviews in other listings like Yelp, Merchant Circle and YP were very important to Google, which means those listings must be claimed and optimized.

Google will actually link these reviews to your Google+ Business Page. If you get a review on Yelp, you will see a link that directs a visitor to see your Yelp Review Page. Because Google used the “content” of that review as part of its ranking, it gives a link back to that review page. This is part of a “circle of trust” that Google uses to verify information about your company. This is why all businesses need to claim all those other local directory listings because Google looks for them and for possible reviews.

If you only have reviews on Yelp or YP.com then you missed #2; having 6 to 10 reviews in Google. Get customers to leave reviews first on Google. If you have a bunch of Yelp reviews and no Google reviews, start getting your customers, clients or patients to review your business on your Google+ Business Page. Google is the number one search engine for local businesses. Not doing what Google says is going to cost your business by losing potential customers to the businesses who do say to do it right.

In Review, The 5 Most Important Things You Must Do for Better Online Rankings According to Google Local are: (After you have Claimed & Optimized Your Google+ Business Page)

  1. MUST Have a Business Website Integrated & connected with the Google+ Business Page. Help Google better understand what your business is all about.
  2. MUST Have Reviews! FIRST, Get 6 to 10 5 Star Customer Reviews on the Google+ Business Page. 10 Reviews are minimum needed for a true 5 Star Reputation.
  3. MUST Promote Google+ Business Page on Social Media. Target the demographic of customers you want with Facebook Marketing. Google wants to know who your target customers are. Facebook provides social data to Google about your customers.
  4. USE Videos such as Customer Review Commercials, Expert Interviews, and other custom videos for cross channel promotion.
  5. Claim other local directories and get reviews on those local directory citation sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, YP, Judy’s Book and more….

So now you know the Top Google+ Business Page secrets but you’re not sure how or where to begin? We are here to help. Call us at 619-871-9297 or schedule a 15 minute consultation by emailing dan@dsidev.com and one of our Google City Experts will get you started on the right path to Google Local success.